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From slow burns to flames ablaze, these stories are sure to keep the pages turning! Athletes are driven, determined, and play to win in and out of uniform. A diverse collection of romances involving athletes from a variety of sports navigating school work, practice, and their hearts. Enemies to lovers, team rivals, rom-com, and so much more!

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Roman's Revenge

Roman's Rules

Roman's Return

Roman Wedding

Jax Roman is the image of courage, nobility, and strength. A clever mind and agile body propelled Roman to the head of his SEAL class. Handsome and disarming, Jax is in charge of his world, vertical and horizontal.

Now, at the pinnacle of his game, he leads his own team until…the Lobos Cartel, the worst Jax has ever fought, sets out to eliminate him. 

Lovely and compassionate, Dr. Kameo Alana meets Jax in his most desperate hour. Her family has borne the cartel’s punishment.


Without Kameo, Jax would not be free to topple the depraved cartel. 

Kameo is more than a balm for his pain.


Together they sizzle white-hot.


Jax’s mission for a ‘happily ever after’ with Kameo is an exercise in ‘taking no prisoners’, SEAL style.

A complicated situation...


Kirk Roman knows he is the reason his relationship with Jordan Perry has never gotten to first base. His insecurity has been an ongoing barrier between them — until the day a sultry woman with her eye on him makes him re-evaluate his feelings for Jordan.


Jordan Perry is a fighter — and she is a survivor. She thought being widowed at thirty-seven was the worst that could happen until her diagnosis seven years ago. Clean, cleared, but scarred from her battle with breast cancer, Jordan silently dreams of the one man who has kept her going — Kirk Roman.


Kirk's inner battle with his desire to date Jordan isn't only about his insecurities. Jordan is a friend and an employee — two things he doesn't want to jeopardize. What he doesn't expect is the arrival of his estranged adult son and his wife.


The complications escalate when the sultry woman after him has a murderous past. Will all this kill his chance of finally telling Jordan how he really feels about her?


Will Roman's old rules work in this new situation?


A young cowboy with his boots in the Texas dirt and his heart set on flying fighter jets, until love makes a course correction on a flight to meet his unknown father.



An artist gifted beyond her years stands up for herself and wins a place at a prestigious art institute. A stalker shadows her path and drives her back to the last place she was happy.


Their Fate

Each had dreams tailoring their perfect futures. Will their long-held dreams nurture their love? Or, will the tolls of achieving their ambitions drive them apart?

What do you call a guy who retires to Honolulu and falls in love with a woman at the airport?

Call him General Hank Kingston.

When he got on the flight in Las Vegas he thought he would play the field in that highly active range of 100 men for every 96 women. Little did he know clothes-lining a thief would bring him to the next chapter of his love life.

What do you call a woman who had to recreate her life after her swindler husband disappeared with several million in other people's money?

Call her Ava Hansen.

When a Triad gang threatens Ava and her event planning business Hank and a few of his friends, the Roman family, come to the rescue.


Their skills at spycraft, clever cons, and high stakes Texas Hold'em take on the Triad threat.

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The Blood Trilogy

Once they killed to feed, now they thrill to feed.

Across continents, over 500 years.

Embrace the new paranormal mythology where Vampires and Shapeshifters move alongside us, within society.

This paranormal trilogy explores erotic romance with sensually integrated graphic love scenes and BDSM between consenting partners. 

Blood Rising - Amber Anthony.jpg
Blood Emerald - Amber Anthony.jpg

Drop-dead gorgeous alive, Matt Brenner has never lacked for feminine attention. Undead, he’s even more potent. Immortality would be stellar if only he accepted his life as a vampire.  Matt and fellow vamp Richard Hiatt created a BDSM empire catering to Vampire/Doms and willing donor/subs who trade sexual ecstasy for blood. The clubs have made Matt’s existence manageable, if uninspired.

Inspiration comes in the form of Catherine Temple.

Matt’s made it a rule not to get emotionally involved with human women, and he sticks to it. Cat is the woman who can entice him to break all the rules. When Matt is introduced to a controversial drug that allows him a human lifetime with Cat, it’s too exquisite to resist.

Powerful elements of the vampire nation are against it, and though Matt tries to protect Cat, love must be stronger than death

SDV (Single Dom Vampire) unknowingly ISO compassionate, sincere, spontaneous SMW (Single Mortal Woman). Extra points for patience, brains, and beauty. Handsome, powerful, Rick Hiatt has managed romance and sex within the roles of Dom/sub relationships for five hundred years. What if there is something more? What if the delicious Anna Curley, shielded from the world of dark sex games, can show him?

Rick returns to the helm of his international BDSM Empire after confronting a disaster within his vampire Family. His nemesis, Veronique Moreau, could destroy the fragile veil between the Vamp/Mortal worlds, leaving vampires exposed. He meets Anna, a guileless young woman with enough savvy to see trouble coming in the form of a vampire hunter.

Their worlds collide. Swept into the dangers of preternatural conflict, Rick and Anna experience exquisite passion and heart-stopping peril. Is love enough? They could lose their lives as well as their hearts.

Adam Lachlan, a tall drink of scrumptious masculinity, has been exiled from his dragon-shifter clan for the past two hundred years. His bad-boy charm has been harnessed to succeed as a Master Dom in the mortal world. He’s spent decades isolating himself emotionally.


Willow Greer is beautiful, intelligent and charming. Men have pursued her, but she’s flown from them all. Willow has a secret burden. Adopted in infancy, and having no explanation for shifting into a Pegasus at puberty, she’s cloistered herself romantically. Without knowing the full truth of her nature, how can she commit to love?


When Adam’s fire meets Willow’s short fuse, flirtation is on! At the onset, secrets are guarded, once their true selves are revealed, the complications begin.


Can they overcome the problems of romance between different shifter species? Will they drop their emotional baggage and risk love’s bondage?

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Appetite for Blood

In the beginning, there was an appetite for blood.

A revolution is roaring into the 1920s! Vampires, who previously killed to feed, now thrill to feed. The revolution is led by a four-hundred-year-old vampire, Rick Hiatt, and his newly turned ward, Matt Brenner.


This is not the first time Rick has encountered the brutal treachery of the Moreau family of vampires, but he and Matt seek to make it the last.

Los Angelinos mortal and immortal are under attack by the entitled, remorseless Moreaus. Dragon-shifter Adam Lachlan and seductresses Venus and Luna, team up with Rick and Matt to put an end to the siege.


Brute strength won't take these hellions down, but they might be hoodwinked into exposing themselves.

Read about the origins of the fast friendship between Matt, Rick, and Adam, and see how their BDSM empire grew from humble beginnings to an international conglomerate.


Tales from the Gaoler

Blood Fugue Paperback Collage.jpg

Blood Fugue
Tales from the Gaoler, Book One

Fugue: [ fyoog ]


Psychiatry. A period during which a person suffers from loss of memory and often begins a new life.

You think your memory stinks?

Meet Harry VanAlt. An apex predator with fading memories of mortal life. Along with his memories, his exalted vampiric powers have faded to vampire-lite. Great taste, less exciting.

Along comes Dr. Lizbet Mitchell, a police profiler who has not yet opened the right door on her future. Thirty-four and questioning, when Harry rescues her from a rogue vampire, she invites him into her button downed life.

Her fascination meets his reticence as flashes and images from some other life intrude on his own.

A 16th-century ceremony reveals Harry's memories and unlocks his powers.

When Lizbet challenges Harry they take steps toward a new and powerful immortality. Henry has two flesh and blood details to reconcile.

Harry closes the door on 1951 and settles a score.


Blood Legacy
Tales from the Gaoler, Book Two

Mockup 5.png

The Tales from the Gaoler continue in Scotland, with a new 'old' castle and double the demons.


Isla Cathcart is a good Scottish woman.


Gerry McIntosh is a good Scottish vampire. Ssh, don't tell Isla he's a vampire.


Isla's extended family has a true claim to an ancient Scottish castle given to her twelve times grandmother by Henry VIII. How can she prove that ownership when it was stolen by royal bureaucracy and misogyny?


Enamored with bonnie Isla, Gerry recruits his vampire friends to help her. Ssh, don't talk about those vampires either, or the fact that they own the international resorts that want to partner with the Cathcarts.


When Isla discovers Gerry is 'undead' all bets are off. Will their differences be the stake through their relationship?


Isla discovers there are good and bad vampires in the world. Can Gerry prove to Isla that while many vampires are crazy dangerous, he's only crazy in love with her?



Now in eBook  and Paperback,


You can grab your copy of Becoming Gabriel here:


Meet Gabriel Lee, if he were a young billionaire, his last few years would have earned him celebrity status. But, he's a mechanic in Baltimore's inner city. Past regrets haunt him.

Can he ever win in a rigged system?

Opposites attract when Grace Lerner trades abusive privilege for freedom. Suddenly homeless, she meets Gabriel and in their unlikely bond, they find soulmates come from the darndest places.

When Gabriel's ghosts endanger their joy, criminals cause a painful separation.


Will their devotion deliver their happily ever after?

#Contemporary Romance



Strangely gifted Jacob King finds Cricket Nielson in his meditations between worlds. Delightful Cricket is a woman trapped first by injury and then her husband's villainy.


Captivated by her buoyant spirit, intrigued by their elusive meetings, Jake uses his psychic talents to locate this imprisoned beauty.

Their meetings on the astral plane reveal they have loved each other for eons. This newly reignited love calls Jake to draw on every spiritual resource at his disposal. He convinces sympathetic law enforcement professionals to hear him out as he discovers a series of murders and knows Cricket is next.

Will the forces of the universe unite Jake and Cricket before the insidious serial killer strikes again?





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When you visit the Adagio Tea site you will find full descriptions of each tea,

as well as the Charity that tea supports.

5% of your purchase goes to support a group that is meaningful to the book or character.


Several teas are in a 'ship' and when you let their love steep in your cupboard together,

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Rock Her World Las Vegas skyline

Rockland Prince, Jr. is a chip off the old block, in the looks and charm department. But the son of the prominent plastic surgeon, Rockland Prince, Sr., M.D. and his former showgirl wife, Vanessa Mullins Prince,  is a man who's sublimated his love life in the gritty and fascinating world of his true crime novels. 

After losing his college sweetheart and wife, Daniella, to his playboy Dad, he raises his daughter, Lena, in his mid-century Las Vegas home. His guardian angel is his metaphysically vibrant Mother, Vanessa, keeping their 'energies' flowing.

After fifteen years of living his glitzy 'Best Selling'  Author life, holding court in the corner of the lively lounge, the Library, his father is found murdered in his hotel suite. Rocky is their primary suspect, after all, Dad claimed Daniella.

Rocky meets the guarded and spirited ex-police detective turned crime writer, Lia Piero, and his 'detective work' is focused on conquering her heart.                                                                                     


Dog running on a beach

Every dog has his day, but Rottie-Shifter, Player, has fascinating adventures day and night. There is nothing like the information the Rottie of Erne Castle, Player, discovers when the castle residents are too settled in their habits.


This is no 'Beauty and the Beast' love story, but dragon-shifter Adam Lachlan is half expecting his teacup to sing.         

                                                                                                         #Sweet/Sensual Paranormal Romance


Screen Writing

While traveling in 2009 through Hampton Court in Great Britain, our first original character was created. Maxwell Older spoke to us and our collaboration began.

Together we've written several original scripts as well as spec scripts for examples of our skill inventing new plots for established film and TV.

These scripts are available by request.


"Sometimes You Can't Save the Cat"

Castle and Beckett become involved in the murder of a famous animal lover who owned the 'most expensive cat in the world'.

WE HAVE XANDER STUART,  words that send Hollywood into a panic!

Four maturely immature fans kidnap an injured television star for his own good.


MAXWELL OLDER, a fantasy genre drama about a man gifted or plagued with immortality, depending upon your point of view.  It is set in present day with occasional flashbacks to the past.

A JOYFUL HEART, Peter, a brilliant but damaged heart surgeon, must overcome moral questions, an unsympathetic legal system and the scars of his past to save the life of his college sweetheart, Meredith’s newborn son.  Along the way, he and Meredith learn that love does move mountains and bring healing, turning broken hearts into a joyful family.

"Beam Me Up, Scotty,

...There's No Intelligent Life Here"

Sheldon and the gang dream of what life might be like if Penny were cast as the new Yeoman Rand in a reboot of the original Star Trek.


"loa’a (Answer)"

McGarrett and the Five-O team solve the murder of a man involved in stealing racehorse semen. Which character on the cruise ship is their perp? This is no Love Boat.

AT THEIR MERCY, a political action thriller surrounding the first woman president, an injured Navy Pilot, the secrets behind Cold Fusion and shadow factions threatening her administration.



Elsa drags the other women into a dubious investment involving sex toys. It doesn't work  like Tupperware sales.


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