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Meet Gabriel Lee, if he were a young billionaire, his last few years would have earned him celebrity status. But, he's a mechanic in Baltimore's inner city. Past regrets haunt him.

Can he ever win in a rigged system?

Opposites attract when Grace Lerner trades abusive privilege for freedom. Suddenly homeless, she meets Gabriel and in their unlikely bond, they find soulmates come from the darndest places.

When Gabriel's ghosts endanger their joy, criminals cause a painful separation.


Will their devotion deliver their happily ever after?

Trigger Warning: This story deals with Grace's stepfather's abuse, organized crime and substance abuse recovery

#Comingofage #Redemption

#Contemporary Romance


Now in eBook 
and Paperback,


Becoming Gabriel
Arise My Darling


Strangely gifted Jacob King finds Cricket Nielson in his meditations between worlds. Delightful Cricket is a woman trapped first by injury and then her husband's villainy.


Captivated by her buoyant spirit, intrigued by their elusive meetings, Jake uses his psychic talents to locate this imprisoned beauty.

Their meetings on the astral plane reveal they have loved each other for eons. This newly reignited love calls Jake to draw on every spiritual resource at his disposal. He convinces sympathetic law enforcement professionals to hear him out as he discovers a series of murders and knows Cricket is next.

Will the forces of the universe unite Jake and Cricket before the insidious serial killer strikes again?


#RomanticMystery #SeasonedRomance


Come See Us In 2023, 2024

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