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The Word Is Out... (Reviews)

Appetite for Blood

How does one start a BDSM empire?…

Rick Hiatt stole my heart the first time I read Blood Emerald. For being over four hundred years old, this man seriously knows how to make me blush. Being able to dive into his past and understand why he’s this devious hunk o’ man was intoxicating!

I’m eternally thrilled that Amber Anthony wrote a prequel to the Blood Trilogy. (Eternally, get it? Hee hee.) I’m not sure if I’d call this a “prequel,” though.  For me, it was like a saucy epilogue of sorts. I guess it doesn’t matter what you call it. I binge read everything from Amber Anthony regardless of the recommended order. I’ll be obsessed either way.


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Blood Dragon


Okay, people. It took me a long time to open this book. Why?


You can call me shallow, but do I care? Of course not.


What starts as an accidental friendship, quickly turns into this shifter smut fest. (I bet you’re looking at the book cover again…good for you.) ...

What they should have done is left their love-fest behind before everything got complicated. And it does get complicated. Two different lives, two different paths. Now, they’re in this addictive limbo of mystery, lies, and confusion.

This book has so much life. Amber Anthony knows how to bring characters’ inner demons to the forefront and challenge their every move. That is what makes a good author. From Adam being the Master Dom of kink and Willow on her massive journey of self-discovery, Blood Dragon is shifter crème de la crème.

As our characters dance in their own conflicts, inevitably, they find their way to each other. And every reason they shouldn’t have been together soon becomes the only lifeline they have.

Only Amber Anthony, I tell ya.

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Blood Emerald


Rick Hiatt is a hero to die for in this stunning standalone. Literally.


We were first introduced to this devilishly handsome vampire in the first book of the Blood series. Now, Rick is the leading man in this second installment and readers are going to melt as his story unfolds.


The context is immaculate and the characters are wonderfully flawed. Although the heroine is fascinating and complex, Rick and his dominating ways are the tugboat dragging readers through a flood of emotion.


Amber Anthony does no wrong when it comes to sculpting a man who is brought to his knees by a savvy woman. 

India Caedmon

Romantic Times, February 2018

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