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Roman Adventures

Roman's Revenge

Roman's Rules

Roman's Return

Roman Wedding

Jax Roman is the image of courage, nobility, and strength. A clever mind and agile body propelled Roman to the head of his SEAL class. Handsome and disarming, Jax is in charge of his world, vertical and horizontal.

Now, at the pinnacle of his game, he leads his own team until…the Lobos Cartel, the worst Jax has ever fought, sets out to eliminate him. 

Lovely and compassionate, Dr. Kameo Alana meets Jax in his most desperate hour. Her family has borne the cartel’s punishment.


Without Kameo, Jax would not be free to topple the depraved cartel. 

Kameo is more than a balm for his pain.


Together they sizzle white-hot.


Jax’s mission for a ‘happily ever after’ with Kameo is an exercise in ‘taking no prisoners’, SEAL style.

A complicated situation...


Kirk Roman knows he is the reason his relationship with Jordan Perry has never gotten to first base. His insecurity has been an ongoing barrier between them — until the day a sultry woman with her eye on him makes him re-evaluate his feelings for Jordan.


Jordan Perry is a fighter — and she is a survivor. She thought being widowed at thirty-seven was the worst that could happen until her diagnosis seven years ago. Clean, cleared, but scarred from her battle with breast cancer, Jordan silently dreams of the one man who has kept her going — Kirk Roman.


Kirk's inner battle with his desire to date Jordan isn't only about his insecurities. Jordan is a friend and an employee — two things he doesn't want to jeopardize. What he doesn't expect is the arrival of his estranged adult son and his wife.


The complications escalate when the sultry woman after him has a murderous past. Will all this kill his chance of finally telling Jordan how he really feels about her?


Will Roman's old rules work in this new situation?


A young cowboy with his boots in the Texas dirt and his heart set on flying fighter jets, until love makes a course correction on a flight to meet his unknown father.



An artist gifted beyond her years stands up for herself and wins a place at a prestigious art institute. A stalker shadows her path and drives her back to the last place she was happy.


Their Fate

Each had dreams tailoring their perfect futures. Will their long-held dreams nurture their love? Or, will the tolls of achieving their ambitions drive them apart?

What do you call a guy who retires to Honolulu and falls in love with a woman at the airport?

Call him General Hank Kingston.

When he got on the flight in Las Vegas he thought he would play the field in that highly active range of 100 men for every 96 women. Little did he know clothes-lining a thief would bring him to the next chapter of his love life.

What do you call a woman who had to recreate her life after her swindler husband disappeared with several million in other people's money?

Call her Ava Hansen.

When a Triad gang threatens Ava and her event planning business Hank and a few of his friends, the Roman family, come to the rescue.


Their skills at spycraft, clever cons, and high stakes Texas Hold'em take on the Triad threat.

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