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Tales from the Gaoler

Blood Fugue Paperback Collage.jpg

Blood Fugue
Tales from the Gaoler, Book One

Fugue: [ fyoog ]


Psychiatry. A period during which a person suffers from loss of memory and often begins a new life.

You think your memory stinks?

Meet Harry VanAlt. An apex predator with fading memories of mortal life. Along with his memories, his exalted vampiric powers have faded to vampire-lite. Great taste, less exciting.

Along comes Dr. Lizbet Mitchell, a police profiler who has not yet opened the right door on her future. Thirty-four and questioning, when Harry rescues her from a rogue vampire, she invites him into her button downed life.

Her fascination meets his reticence as flashes and images from some other life intrude on his own.

A 16th-century ceremony reveals Harry's memories and unlocks his powers.

When Lizbet challenges Harry they take steps toward a new and powerful immortality. Henry has two flesh and blood details to reconcile.

Harry closes the door on 1951 and settles a score.

#SeasonedRomance #ParanormalRomance

Blood Legacy
Tales from the Gaoler, Book Two

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The Tales from the Gaoler continue in Scotland, with a new 'old' castle and double the demons.


Isla Cathcart is a good Scottish woman.


Gerry McIntosh is a good Scottish vampire. Ssh, don't tell Isla he's a vampire.


Isla's extended family has a true claim to an ancient Scottish castle given to her twelve times grandmother by Henry VIII. How can she prove that ownership when it was stolen by royal bureaucracy and misogyny?


Enamored with bonnie Isla, Gerry recruits his vampire friends to help her. Ssh, don't talk about those vampires either, or the fact that they own the international resorts that want to partner with the Cathcarts.


When Isla discovers Gerry is 'undead' all bets are off. Will their differences be the stake through their relationship?


Isla discovers there are good and bad vampires in the world. Can Gerry prove to Isla that while many vampires are crazy dangerous, he's only crazy in love with her?

#ParanormalRomance #SeasonedRomance

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